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Coronavirus 101: Homeschooling…”The New Teachers” (Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio)

Can I be a parent and teacher? Should I recreate school? Do I need to be organized to homeschool? These are a few of the questions that our esteemed panelist discussed on this week’s Coronavirus 101: Homeschooling…The New Teachers. Take a listen!


Jonathan Montgomery is a dedicated homeschooling Dad who has homeschooled his children for all of their lives. “President and owner of The Real Estate Appraisal Group, Inc”

Teri England brings a wealth of experience in the early childhood area. She is the President/Administrator of New Horizons Childcare Center for 39 years.

Vanessa White is an amazing mom of college students who are 2020 graduates. “Senior Vice President Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio”

Quanita Robinson is a devoted parent of high school students one of which is a 2020 graduate. “Executive Director and Owner Nzuzu”