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Facts for you to understand so you can help prevent the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

I have offered Tips to many physicians to share with their patients. I am Dr Will Sawyer a solo Family physician in Cincinnati, Ohio for 33 years teaching/coaching/changing patient’s behavior to benefit their health. Public Health and state medical directors have not adequately addressed the unconscious behavior of touching your eyes, nose or mouth that could help STOP the Pandemic faster!

Facts for you to understand so you can help prevent the second wave of this COVID-19 Pandemic:

Humans are the petri dish that grow, multiply and then spread COVID -19 by coughing or sneezing.

The eyes, nose or mouth are the ONLY portal of entry into the human body for COVID-19 and ALL other respiratory infections. These are the facial mucous membranes referred to as the T Zone, so you get a “picture” to remember.

The major method of contraction is self-inoculation into your facial mucous membranes (T Zone). If someone spewing significant mucous contaminated droplets coughs or sneezes within 3 feet, generally closer, directly at your face and you breathe in at that moment you can inhale contaminated droplets. It is not miasma (bad air) as was thought for Cholera Outbreak in the 1850’s in England. John Snow, MD figured out it was the community water pump handle.

What are the 10 most deadly weapons? The fingers on your hands.

Aerosols are less than 5 microns and droplets are larger than 5 microns.

Did you know you are the petri-dish that grows, multiplies and then spread by coughing or sneezing, and in feces in some instances, the COVID-19 virus causing and perpetuating a Pandemic?

COVID-19 survives on surfaces for up to 7 days depending on the conditions so people can pick up this invisible virus by touching a surface (railing, doorknob, countertop, etc.) and then put their finger in their T Zone inoculating themselves.

Breathing in COVID-19 is a rare event, you gave it to yourself.


So, if enough people stop touching their eyes, nose or mouth (facial mucous membranes are the T Zone) the virus will die on surfaces and the Pandemic will stop very quickly and there will not be a second wave. Here are some simple techniques I have taught patients to help change this unconscious habit that can save your life. One is to wear a face shield as a barrier method that provides instant feedback when you attempt to touch the T Zone. Another is to wear winter or work gloves as it is more irritating when you attempt to touch the T Zone. A more extreme step is to rub capsaicin (chili pepper) cream on your fingers that induces discomfort if you touched the T Zone.

Together we can stop this COVID-19 second wave and get back to life as we knew it with a higher knowledge base on how to prevent giving ourselves any respiratory infection, including Flu.