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Hamilton County Commissioner Creates a Young Adult and Youth Council


(April 17, 2020) Hamilton County Commissioner Victoria Parks is announcing a young adult and youth-led initiative to elevate young voices in COVID-19 response efforts. She is creating the Hamilton County #513Survive Council with the goal of better informing elected officials on issues impacting young citizens  by giving them a seat at a virtual table to develop solutions for a healthier and safer future.

“The best way to learn how we can better serve children and young adults during this and future pandemics is to ask them directly,” said Commissioner Parks. “We need young people to know they are valued and that we hear them.”

Rather than fill out an application, youth are encouraged to use their talents to submit essays, poems, artwork, or videos that express positive or negative consequences of the Coronavirus Crisis. Submissions can cover a wide variety of insights, recommendations or even tutorials.

Submissions can be made by emailing by May 1, 2020. Children and young adults, ages up to 26 years old, are encouraged to participate. Young people under the age of 18 will be required to submit a consent form from a guardian or parent.

“We’d love to hear how you feel and how the Stay-at-Home is affecting you,” said Commissioner Parks. “Share your story with the hashtag #513Survive or email your essay, poem, video or tutorial to to join the youth council and help determine Hamilton County’s future.”