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New video brings trusted voices to Black community on vaccine effort

WLWT — A new video by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital hopes to help balance the effort to include everyone in the vaccination process.

“The video is really meant to provide some confirmation that the vaccines are safe and effective and to provide information on how people can access the vaccine,” said Dr. Lori Crosby.

Crosby is a phycologist and professor at Children’s.

Crosby said COVID-19 rates are higher and vaccination rates are lower in Black and Brown communities compared to white communities.

“There’s a lot of mistrust, there’s a lot of misinformation,” Crosby said.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital partnered with the Cincinnati Center for Translational Science and Training to put the video together.

The video not only focuses on the message but those who are delivering it.

“I knew it was very important that we get the word out,” Lincoln Ware said.

Ware has been on the Cincinnati radio airwaves for 48 years. He’s a trusted voice in the Black community.

The video shows Ware going to a drive-through vaccination site and getting his shot on camera. It also shows him on the radio challenging his listeners on the vaccine issue.

“We’re ready to take your calls and we’re ready to find out why it is so hard to get you to sign up for the COVID 19 vaccine,” Ware said to his listeners.

The video also shows long-time community leader the Rev. Damon Lynch, Jr. and his wife Barbara getting the vaccine.

“The vaccine is not the problem. The problem is COVID-19,” Lynch said rhyming vaccine and 19. “It’s not vaccine, it’s COVID-19. You don’t deal with the vaccine, you might not be around because COVID-19 will take you out.”

The video will be shown at churches, schools, community events and on the web.