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Oral Health Professionals COVID-19 Vaccination Information (Hamilton County Public Health Dept.)

Oral Health Professionals have been designated as ‘Tier 1a’ recipients of the Covid-19 Vaccine by the CDC. This means that oral health professionals and their coworkers and staff will be among the first group of people eligible to receive the vaccine.

On December 23, 2020, the Hamilton County Public Health Department received the first small lot of vaccine. Weekly shipments are anticipated until everyone in our county has had access to the COVID-19 vaccine. All current vaccines that have received emergency use authorization are 2-dose vaccines. This presents an additional administrative burden that the Hamilton County Public Health Department is working to accommodate.

The current plan entails a follow-up email to all registered dentist in Hamilton County. This email will include a survey whereby dentists may indicate who and how many individuals (team-members, employees, and office staff) are interested in receiving the vaccine at this time. After compiling this list, names and numbers will be cross-referenced with all Registered Oral Health Professionals in the county, and an additional email will be sent to any licensed professional who was not identified through the first survey. In this manner, the Health Department will attempt to ensure that every oral health professional in Hamilton County has been included in this process and has received the information and access to receiving the vaccine should they wish to have it.

Please monitor the Hamilton County Public Health website for the latest information.