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Social Distancing Is a Privilege (The New York Times)

The idea that this virus is an equal-opportunity killer must itself be killed.


Opinion Columnist

April 5, 2020

Recipients lining up to receive free food at the Open Door Church of God in Christ in Brooklyn on Saturday.
Credit…Victor J. Blue for The New York Times

People like to say that the coronavirus is no respecter of race, class or country, that the disease Covid-19 is mindless and will infect anybody it can.

In theory, that is true. But, in practice, in the real world, this virus behaves like others, screeching like a heat-seeking missile toward the most vulnerable in society. And this happens not because it prefers them, but because they are more exposed, more fragile and more ill.

What the vulnerable portion of society looks like varies from country to country, but in America, that vulnerability is highly intersected with race and poverty.

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