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The covid-19 racial disparities could be even worse than we think (Washington Post)

With the Covid-19 epidemic, a spotlight has been placed an already huge barrier in health care: health disparities. Your race, gender, ethnicity, or even zip code could have an impact on your health outcome and even more evidence of this problem has been highlighted during this epidemic.

The pandemic is striking member of minority groups, especially African Americans, at much higher rates. Recent data has confirmed that African Americans are also being shortchanged when it comes to testing for Covid-19. The National Urban League is working to serve as testing centers in order to ensure the most vulnerable communities are also being tested. Also, public health officials report that deaths from Covid-19 occur among those with pre-existing conditions, with racial inequality considered such.

The immediate threat is corona virus and ensuring that we are able to contain the virus. After this, public health should take a closer look at health disparities and working to help populations that will still face poor health outcomes even when the epidemic is over. Our most vulnerable populations should be cared for and more should be done to allow for better health care overall.